Pickle Ball Results

Posted on September 22, 2014 at 1:08 am by Davey

Apologies for misspellings; some of these results are difficult to read off of the score sheet.

Mixed Doubles, age 55-59
Gold: Terry Robinson
Gold: Desmond Hilton
Silver: Jim Sullentrup
Silver: Betty Sullentrup

Mixed Doubles, age 60-64
Gold: Jim Harris
Gold: Linda Haris
Silver: Carl Gendece
Silver: Debbie Gendece
Bronze: Peter Reilly
Bronze: Gloria Rielly

Mixed Doubles, age 65-69
Gold: Horst Driesner
Gold: Barbara Driesner
Silver: John Borchers
Silver: Mary Borchers
Bronze: Chuck Wilson
Bronze: Rita Wilson

Mixed Doubles, age 70-74
Gold: George Ruh
Gold: Ruby Moss
Silver: Mike Cullinane
Silver: Judy Swehla
Bronze: Herb Weaver
Bronze: Donna Jalarski

Men’s Doubles, age 50-54
Gold: Robert Thompson
Gold: Desmond Hilton
Silver: Jim Sullentrup
Silver: Jim Harris

Men’s Doubles, age 60-64
Gold: Carl Gendece
Gold: Peter Reilly
Silver: Robert Surdyke
Silver: Bill Link

Men’s Doubles, age 65-69
Gold: John Borchers
Gold: Horst Driesner

Men’s Doubles, age 70-74
Gold: Jack Smith
Gold: George Ruh
Silver: Michael Gullinane
Silver: Rob Bader

Men’s Doubles, age 75-79
Gold: Eugene Statter
Gold: Robert Eade

Women’s Doubles, age 55-59
Gold: Linda Harriss
Gold: Betty Sullentrup
Silver: Kathy Juroweste
Silver: Eileen Hillerman
Bronze: Kathy Guenther
Bronze: Marilyn Boehm

Women’s Doubles, age 60-64
Gold: Vickie Campbell
Gold: Mary Bronold
Silver: Gloria A. Reilly
Silver: Deb Gendece

Women’s Doubles, age 65-69
Gold: Mary Borcheis
Gold: Barbara Driesner

Women’s Doubles, age 70-74
Gold: Ruby Moss
Gold: Karen Jenson

Bocce Ball Results

Posted on September 19, 2014 at 3:07 am by Davey

Male, age 50-54
Gold: Dwane Fleming

Male, age 65-69
Gold: George Eigel
Silver: Michael Linder
 Dave Basler

Male, age 70-74
Gold: Ron Smelson
Silver: Bob Bader
 Chuck Wilson

Male, age 75-79
Gold: Eugene Stettes
Silver: Mike Cullinane

Male, age 80-84
Gold: Bennie Hillerman
Silver: Elmer Fleer

Male, age 85-89
Gold: Ed Stephene

Male, age 90+
Gold: Roy Bennett

Female, age 60-64
Gold: Terry Basler
Silver: Mary Eigel
 Karen Linder

Female, age 65-69
Gold: Gail Bader
Silver: Rita Wilson

Female, age 70-74
Gold: Virginia Stettes
Silver: Ruby Mors
 Marilyn Boehm

Female, age 75-79
Gold: Sally Wiese
Silver: Marcilla Frankenberg

Female, age 85-89
Gold: Florence Kempe
Silver: Olive Bennett

Canasta Results

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 11:29 pm by Davey

Age 60-64
Gold: Dee Abels (11480)

Age 65-69
Gold: Judy Mitchell (11290)
Silver: Gail Bader (9765)
Bronze: Juanita Miner (8175)

Age 70-74
Gold: Juanita Ponita (12XXX)
Silver: Ruth Wright (11455)
Bronze: Theo Sprague (Unknown)

Age 80-84
Gold: Barb Voss (10090)
Silver: Nora Klemme (9030)

Age 85-89
Gold: Virginia Casey (5750)

Scores ending in X’s were indecipherable on the score sheet. Any misspellings can be attributed to faint pencil marks. Please contact me if you have any corrections.

A Thank You

to the Participants in the 2013 Silver Games! This was a Great Year and we could not have done it without you and our volunteers!

We hope 2014 is even bigger and better!